The Refreshing

Every morning when I awaken, I pray this will be the day,

A light dew would be so refreshing, to soothe from the hot sun’s ray.

But, it’s just another day with the hot sun beating down,

I wish a blowing, cooling breeze would just come around.

The brown earth beneath me is so very cracked and dry,

That the tiny, tired seeds can’t rise up to view the sky.

But another turn of Mother Earth and evening will appear,

Again we’ll see the moon and stars, but little cooling, I fear.

Will this Summer ever end and send the heat away?

It’s time for Fall to push on in and bring the cool, I’d say.

But today as I awaken, I notice something new,

Oh! This is so much better than a simple little dew!

The heavy clouds above are looming thick and dark,

And, something wet just fell on me, and left its tiny mark.

In the distance the thunder rolls, lightning makes the darkness bright,

The raindrops start to fall & fall – what a simply wonderful sight!

I feel the dust of many days begin to wash away,

And cooler air seems to come along to greet this sky of gray.

My leaves of green and buds of red rise up to share a smile,

With other friends of crimson and gold, at least for yet a while.

But we all know, despite the rain, that soon we’ll see the end,

Because you see, the cold winter air is just around the bend.

Karran Martin – September 27, 2018

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