The Wonders Of Nature

Lately on Facebook a lot of my daily memories that come up have been pictures of the travels I had a few years ago – I posted a lot of pictures of some of the beautiful scenery I experienced. That has caused me to think a lot about the wonderous world we live in. When you think about how intricate every single living thing is and how they depend on one another and function in perfect harmony it is inspiring. This world that was created by the hand of God is nothing short of miraculous on so many different levels!

“He holds the deepest part of the earth in his hands, and the mountain peaks also belong to him. The ocean is the Lord’s because he made it, and with his own hands he formed the dry land.” Psalms 95:4-5 CEV

“’But ask the animals, and they will teach you. Or ask the birds of the air, and they will tell you. Or speak to the earth, and it will teach you. Or let the fish in the sea tell you their wisdom. Everyone knows that the Lord made these things. Every animal that lives and everyone who breathes—they are all under God’s power.'” Job 12:7-10 ERV

I personally have always sensed a closeness with God when out in nature. I especially like the mountains and find everything about them fascinating. I can still remember as a teenager going to a church camp in Tres Ritos, NM. We would take a hike up a mountain to a beautiful meadow with soft, green grass and beautiful aspen trees. When I sat down and closed my eyes it was like God was speaking to me as the breeze moved those leaves. A calm, relaxing peace would move through me. Going to the ocean is also a moving experience – but the roaring, pounding waves tend to instill more of a fear in me instead of peace – I guess that would explain my preference for the mountains.

Everything about nature should bring us joy: “Let the heavens rejoice and the earth be happy! Let the sea and everything in it shout for joy! Let the fields and everything in them be happy! Let the trees in the forest sing for joy.” Psalms 96:11-12 ERV

This year we had what seemed to be a very long and extremely hot summer. It seemed like it would never end – then suddenly, the temperatures had dropped to a more tolerable level. We kept waiting thinking the extreme heat was not finished with us yet, but it seemed to just suddenly end. Now the milder temperatures seem to be holding. I have heard that tomorrow (the day you will be reading this) will be a day when we will be blessed with rain and then next week the weather will be much cooler. I think we are all ready.

Anyway, I said all of that to lead up to the fact that I am going to reshare a post from a good while ago – it is a poem that I wrote on September 27, 2018 about the seasons and weather. So I hope that wherever you are you do not neglect to enjoy the wonders of nature and keep in mind how blessed we are.


Every morning when I awaken, I pray this will be the day,

A light dew would be so refreshing, to soothe from the hot sun’s ray.

But, it’s just another day with the hot sun beating down,

I wish a blowing, cooling breeze would just come around.

The brown earth beneath me is so very cracked and dry,

That the tiny, tired seeds can’t rise up to view the sky.

But another turn of Mother Earth and evening will appear,

Again we’ll see the moon and stars, but little cooling, I fear.

Will this Summer ever end and send the heat away?

It’s time for Fall to push on in and bring the cool, I’d say.

But today as I awaken, I notice something new,

Oh! This is so much better than a simple little dew!

The heavy clouds above are looming thick and dark,

And, something wet just fell on me, and left its tiny mark.

In the distance the thunder rolls, lightning makes the darkness bright,

The raindrops start to fall & fall – what a simply wonderful sight!

I feel the dust of many days begin to wash away,

And cooler air seems to come along to greet this sky of gray.

My leaves of green and buds of red rise up to share a smile,

With other friends of crimson and gold, at least for yet a while.

But we all know, despite the rain, that soon we’ll see the end,

Because you see, the cold winter air is just around the bend.

Written by Karran Martin – October 15, 2022

2 thoughts on “The Wonders Of Nature

  1. We were in Kenya that year…early September until early December. This was our last trip until we return hopefully in March, 2023. Your poem is simply lovely. Not looking forward to winter 🥶!!!

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