Become What You Believe

Recommended Reading:  Matthew 9-Preferably in the Message translation

In Matthew 9 you will read how Jesus taught several different lessons as He contradicted some of the “religious” leaders and their legalistic ideas about what should and should not be done, as well as how He responded when they questioned His authority.  This chapter also tells about a number of miracles performed by Jesus.

Jesus had just gone into a home and raised a young girl from the dead, then verses 27-31a says this:  “As Jesus left the house, he was followed by two blind men crying out, ‘Mercy, Son of David! Mercy on us!’ When Jesus got home, the blind men went in with him. Jesus said to them, ‘Do you really believe I can do this?’ They said, ‘Why, yes, Master!’  He touched their eyes and said, ‘Become what you believe.’ It happened. They saw…”   

I read those particular verses in several different translations, but when I read it in the Message, I just thought to myself – Wow!  Become what you believe.  Really?  What if that mentality applied to everything in my life?  What would I become?  What would happen to me?

It can be so easy to get upset, discouraged, disappointed and negative these days.  So what if I allow my beliefs, thoughts and actions to reflect all of those less than desirable attitudes?  What will it lead to?  We need to realize that our thoughts, words and actions hold a lot of power.    

Think about all the thoughts that run through your mind every day.  As long as you do not verbalize those thoughts, no one will know about them – except you…and God.  Those thoughts can and will have an impact on you.

What about all the words that you speak out loud?  Even if you are only speaking to yourself, they have power – self-talk can encourage you or discourage you.  But words spoken to others can and will affect them as well – because “stuff” runs downhill.  So will your words help or hinder the other person(s)?

Now consider your actions.  If you are a people watcher like I am, you can probably pick up on what someone is thinking and/or saying, even if you cannot hear their words.  Body language tells a lot.  Normally if someone is angry, excited, happy or sad you can see it on their countenance and the way they are acting.  Would others observing you be encouraged or discouraged by what your actions reflect?

If you act out, speak out and think what you truly believe – what will you become?   

I have gone through times in my life where I was very happy, self-confident and comfortable with myself; and, I know that it was reflected to others.  If you are like me, you prefer to be around happy people.  

But, on the other hand, I have also gone through times when I was sad, miserable and did not think much of myself; and, it affected others I was in contact with.  We do not tend to enjoy being around “Negative Nellies”.   

So, I believe that we should all take some time to reflect on our lives.  If we are not 100% pleased with who we are, then we should determine who and what we want to become.  Then we need to start believing that we are that person; and remember, it does not matter how old you are – it is never to late to become the best person you can be.    

Knowing that words are powerful, you should start implementing a lot of self-talk into your schedule each day.  You need to speak to yourself about the positive traits that you want to reflect, speak about the good things you want in your life, speak about the good things you want to accomplish, etc.  You need to speak these thoughts until you believe them.  Then, with God’s help, you can count on becoming what you believe! 

Are you ready to accept the challenge?  I believe that I am – I am ready to become what I believe.

Written by Karran Martin – October 31, 2022

[Bold emphasis mine]

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