Going Round In Circles

(Recommended Reading:  Joshua chapter 6, NIV)

Every time I read Joshua 6, I am fascinated by the story.  Moses had died, Joshua had taken up the leadership position of the Israelites and it was time for them to begin their long awaited move into their promised land.  

The Lord has given very specific directions to Joshua about how they are to go about conquering their first portion of land.  Joshua calls the Israelites together and tells the priests to select seven from among their number to carry trumpets as others pick up the ark to carry it forward.  There is to be an armed guard first, then the priests with the trumpets, then the priests carrying the ark, followed by the rear guard.  They are to walk around the wall surrounding the city of Jericho, saying absolutely nothing, total silence, while the trumpets are blown – then they return to their camp.      

If I had been among those Israelites, I think I would have been scratching my head.  It just seems like an extremely odd thing to be doing.  But then the next day, they get up, leave their camp and do the same thing all over again – followed by four more days of the same.  Strange, very strange.

Then I have to say, if I had been a resident inside those walls of Jericho, I would have also been puzzled – actually, probably pretty creeped out!  They had to be thinking “WHAT is going on?  Those crazy Israelites are up to something – but what could it be?  They keep blowing on those horns constantly and are otherwise totally silent!  But wait!  Now they are gone and we can see them over in their camp!?”  However, since there is no record of them trying to attack the Israelites from atop their city wall, they must have thought “as irritating as that was, it seems to be a pretty innocent thing.”

But on the seventh day, Joshua has instructed them that they will be walking around the city seven times instead of just once.  After the seventh turn, at his signal, the priests are to sound a long, loud blast; and, that is the signal for every one of them to shout their loudest war cry.  When they did this, the wall simply collapsed!  Then they were able to just charge right in and conquer the city!

This story reminds me of the times in my life when it did not seem like I was getting anything accomplished – like I was just going round in circles.  That is frustrating.  I ask God “What is going on?  Why is there not an end to this situation?”  It makes you want to throw in the towel and just forget about whatever it is you are trying to accomplish.  But something just will not let you give up.  I believe that is God whispering to just stay the course, do not give up, everything will work out in the end – just trust Him.  Then, sure enough, after a period of time the resolution comes about.

This needs to be a lesson to us to stay the course, even if it means seemingly going round in circles.  If we will trust and obey God, He will see us through the puzzles, the frustration, the pain.  The results will be God’s best for us.

Written by Karran Martin – March 11, 2023

2 thoughts on “Going Round In Circles

  1. really enjoyed. Yes, do I go around in circles. I ‘d like to say no.Love reading your study on Sun ( or sometimes Mon or Tues.) You know your Bible so much better than me. I wish I knew it better but—– ( my memory forgets what I read. Darn it.) I have several Bibles and not sure which I like better but I do like my larger print for sure. C u Thurs. Barbara

    “Tend to your thoughts with care. They have the power to grow weeds or flowers”Cleo Wade

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